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Wine Farming at Crow #3 in a Series

Crow Vineyard & Winery Wine Seminars

“Behind the Scenes” Wine Seminars at Crow

At Crow we believe the ultimate wine experience is sharing how we make wine with those who wish to get a hands on experience with our authentically driven farm vineyard operations. As farmers, we are completely transparent about how we respect, till and cultivate our lands. Now a successful farm vineyard and winery, we seek to share how we craft wines that are 100% sourced from our farm vineyard.

To this end, we conduct educational and interactive “Beyond the Glass” wine seminars each year where participants get an inside look into our operations and can participate in our winemaking.

For 2023 and our 11th year of wine farming, we have scheduled four wine seminars where our Crow Team including our on premise winemaker, vineyard manager and hospitable team give participants an inside look at how estate style wine is grown, processed, produced and savored as award winning wine at our farm. What is unique about these seminars is the very interactive mode we create for our invitees where they get the chance to ask our team and winemaker very specific questions about how our farm grown grapes are processed on site to produce our farm crafted wines. Our goal is to provide a very in depth, personable and interactive experience for those who attend these seminars.

This year will mark our fourth year of conducting fruitful seminars. We know we are on the right track when our invitees express that these seminars provide them with a more intimate knowledge and further enjoyment of what goes into a glass of authentic farm grown wine.

To sign up for one of our seminars click here.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about Wine Farming at Crow and what makes it unique. Stay tuned for more “Celebrating 10 years of Wine Farming” articles from us.

Submitted by: Crow Team