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Crow and the American Wine Revolution

Crow and the American Wine Revolution

Recently the wine review team at the internationally recognized JamesSuckling.com ranked Maryland wines with high honors in its latest on-going endeavor to document the “American Wine Revolution.” Nineteen Maryland wines were scored as “Outstanding,” including three wines produced by Crow Vineyard and Winery.

Obviously excited to receive prestigious scores for their wines (see report below), the Crows are proud to be a recognized part of the “American Wine Revolution.” As James Suckling and his editors are discovering quality wines can be found in very surprising places in the United States and there is no more surprising place then the Crow’s Vineyard & Winery located on their working farm in the heart of  Maryland’s rural Eastern Shore.

In 2012 the Crow’s produced their first wines from grapes grown in their vineyard. They used existing farm buildings to build their winery and rather than segregating the farm and farm animals from the wine tasting experience the two are co-mingled. When someone sips a Crow wine they can pet an angus cow at the same time. Everything is not perfect at Crow but it is perfectly authentic.

For the Crow this is purposeful and part of what drives their wine making. To help them create their wines they hired international wine consultant John Levenberg who developed winemaking protocols for grapes that would do well on the Crow’s carefully cultivated farm soils. The success of their unique Barbera wines is just one example. (see more info re Crow’s unique Barbera wines here) Looking to the future the Crows remain committed to supporting the “American Wine Revolution” using their farming know how and estate vineyard to produce authentic wines.