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Local Wine Trends: Wine After Work

Current Local Wine Trends

As local wines become more and more popular we will provide updates on this trend. Local wine drinking used to be strictly winery premise based or a result of someone purchasing local wine as a trip memento or gift. But habits are changing as the millennials become a larger force in the wine drinking population. Here some on the verge trends:

1. Enjoying Local Wines are becoming more a routine part of relaxing at end of the day versus a special memento purchase.

2. Wine down Fridays is back in popularity on the go and at home.

3. Local wineries are extending their hours to invite wine down tasting hours after work hours. On the Eastern Shore of Maryland there are four wineries extending their tasting room hours for wine down after work time.

4. Dinner entertainment with guests includes a mix of three wine types …..the staple affordable quality wine, a high end premium wine and a local wine of notoriety. This dynamic is becoming more and more manifested with younger working couples who have moved to the Eastern Shore and want to entertain guests from urban areas with local flair and fare.

Crow Wine Tasting Room Open Friday nights!

This January enjoy wine down Fridays at Crow Vineyard & Winery….their tasting room is open until 7pm on Fridays in January and February and they will offer $5.00 glasses of wine and 1/2 price farm to table chili and soup.

Author/Photographer: Lotte Bowie, Branding Designer, Video Producer, Former Marketing Manager Vanity Fair Magazine and Advertising Executive