Vidal Blanc

100% Crow Vineyard Fruit; Maryland Governor’s Cup Silver Medal 2017

$17.00 750

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Maryland Governor's Cup – Silver Medal Winner 2017


100% Vidal Blanc


Kent County, Maryland




Balanced, slightly sweet




Bottled on 20 February 2017
Bottle aged 16 months prior to release
357 cases produced

Tasting notes

Our 2016 Vidal Blanc has aromas suggesting fresh pineapple, lilac, confectioner’s sugar, vanilla bean, and melon. The palate has beautiful weight, slight sweetness, fruit flavors suggesting nectarines and peaches, and wonderful balance.

Crow Vineyard & Winery
Crow Vineyard & Winery

Pairs well with

Crow Farm Chip Steak in stir fry with summer squash and zucchini, Chapel’s Country Creamery Chapel cheddar, rockfish, steamed mussels or clams, roasted veggies, fruit and cheese platters, and spicy Thai dishes.

Vineyard notes

Estate: Crow Vineyard & Winery
Harvest Date: Hand Harvested on 3 & 4 October 2016
Harvested Tons: 7.534 tons

Crow Vineayrd & Winery